Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Times-Picayune Silent on Shady Contributions to Jindal Campaign

Why hasn't the Times-Picayune run a story, not even a "back-a-page" or below-the-fold story, about the $50,000 in campaign contributions Bobby Jindal received last Monday from several people (on the same day) tied to a Colorado company applying to open a landfill in a Louisiana town that the Department of Environmental Quality has already deemed unsuitable?

I only found out via a Saturday evening press release from the John Georges for Governor campaign. Politics of course, but his source was the Baton Rouge Advocate , which broke the story this weekend. I wonder if -- no!!!! -- the Times-Picayune would never sit on this story just because they endorsed Jindal!! How could you even suggest a thing?! For shame!

Although...it is strange that he would not comment, considering he even comments on not showing up at debates to share with us his comments. Jindal can't even answer a yes-or-no question in less than 65.84 words.
Jindal refused comment on the story. His spokeswoman Melissa Sellers said Jindal never discussed any landfill project when he spoke with the donors.

Jindal and the Colorado group discussed only how outside states can help Louisiana small businesses attract investors, Sellers said.

[umm...via campaign contributions in the final days of campaigning? i.e., too late to file on pre-election reports?]

Even though one of the contributors hung up the phone when asked if he had any connection to the Colorado company, I'm sure there are perfectly legitimate explanations.

Because Bobby "Ethics Reform, I Cannot Tell A Lie" Jindal said he's honest, and politicians are very honest and trustworthy people. And he love him some Jesus too!!


Another Conflict Theorist said...

To answer your first question: Because Bobby Jindal is a Republican feel good story. We can't have any ugly truths interfering with the mythology of the man.

Anyone who dresses himself up as a desperately needed reform candidate in a place that's considered inefficient or corrupt automatically gets the benefit of the doubt because they feel like a change - any change - is welcome.

Incidentally, the Dallas Morning News ran a worshipful story on Jindal a few days ago. They painted him as a sociopolitical outsider who's managed to overcome both bigotry and the machinery of cronyism that kept him from winning the last election. You would think this guy was Mother Theresa.

E.J. said...

Are you kidding me? People are so gullible. The media are such a farce nowadays. I bet Jindal actually believes he's never been discriminated against. I guess we'll see just how long it'll take for his so-called fans to turn on him.