Saturday, August 11, 2012

Did Mayor Landrieu Just Say Chief Serpas Knows Jack About Reducing Murders?

The title of this CBS piece, "New Orleans Mayor Fights to End Culture of Violence," is the exact opposite of what I heard Mayor Landrieu say in this interview, which was that no one IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE COUNTRY knows how to stem the epidemic of young black males killing each other here in New Orleans.   

Based upon my grasp of the English language, population statistics, Venn diagrams, and if not A then not B logic, "Nobody in the Country" includes Landrieu's Police Chief Ronal Serpas.  So why did he hire this guy?

Other cities have brought down their black-on-black murder rates, so SOMEBODY SOMEwhere must know SOMEthing about how to do this.  Right?

UPDATED 8/14/12:
This seems like a far cry from nobody knowing what to do: