Friday, November 16, 2007

I think I'll just write in Dorothy Mae Taylor for council at-large.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Like a Good (and Drunk) Neighbor at Your Daughter's Wedding Reception, We'll Ruin Your Dreams

Maybe this should be State Farm's new slogan since the cost of 2-4 years of homeowners' insurance now rivals the average cost of American weddings.

The average wedding in America, according to Bride's Magazine, costs $19,000.

Stationery, $374.

Bouquets and other flowers, $775.

Photography, videography, $1,253.

Wedding favors, $240.

The music, $745.

Clergy and church, $248.

Limo rental, $427.

Attendant's gifts, $299.

Wedding rings, $1,000.

Engagement ring, $2,982.

Rehearsal dinner, $762.

Bride's wedding dress, $790.

Bride's headpiece and veil, $150.

Bride's attendant's apparel (if you have 5), $720.

Mother of the bride apparel, $198.

Groom's formal wear (rented), $100.

Formal wear for ushers and best man (if you have 5) rented, $400.

Reception for 186 guests (which is the average attendance at a wedding), $7,246.

This comes to a grand total of $18,874.

I wonder what else price-gouging insurance premiums are robbing us of. For the many families who can't afford $19,000 weddings, I imagine they're having to choose between shelter and much more basic provisions.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Jackie Clarkson Changes Stance on Homelessness, Admits It's LikeTotally Like Not Good

Councilwoman-at-Large candidate Jacquelyn Brechtel Clarkson, in a sudden change of opinion, has realized 9 days before the election that homelessness in New Orleans is a problem. In fact, "it's horrible"!

Possibly even more horrible than living in a FEMA trailer; but nowhere near the stupid human catastrophe putting FEMA trailers for future constituents on unusable golf courses in her neighborhood would be.