Thursday, November 10, 2011

RSD Supt. John White Pledges Schools Dedicated to Students At-Risk of School Failure

The following quotes are from Recovery School District Superintendent John White from his presentation to the New Orleans City Council on November 3, 2011.  BESE Board Member Louella Givens showed up (see minute 12:55) to warmly endorse Supt. White's work heretofore and his plans for the district.

John White:
"We know that we need to do more....We know that students that are in Special Education, students that are over age...experiencing dramatic challenges.  We need to provide EQUITY for those members of our community."
Minute 3:40

 "We also need to acknowledge that not every student is on that path [to college]." RSD will produce an annual EQUITY report to be released in December.  "When a child enters 9th grade, we will deliver on that promise [to keep kids in school] through 12th grade."
 Minute 6:30

"We need, as I said, to keep kids in our school system, and that means for kids who are on the verge of dropping out and are at risk, we need to make sure we are providing them every opportunity, including schools that specifically serve kids who are at risk."   
Minute 8:20

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