Friday, December 01, 2006

Good Hands My Ass!

Who can spot the irony in this statement? (It's Friday, so I made it easy.)
"Allstate is a caring, compassionate company. For us, 'You’re in Good Hands ® with Allstate' is more than a company slogan; it’s a way of life."

Yeah, my initial response contained alot of expletives too. It's from their 2005 Corporate Social Responsibility report (damn, I couldn't even type that all out before I started laughing!), on how much $$$ they gave away in LA. I was drawn to the Allstate Foundation website while taking a gander at an Urban Institute report on rebuilding N.O.

Personally, I think Allstate's name should be removed from the report. How dare they? They'd be dropping more policyholders if it weren't for LA state law. As for that quote, it made me wonder: when does something cross the line from being ironic to being an outright lie?


Editor B said...

Allstate has crossed the line. They are evil.

slate said...

No, no, EJ, you have it wrong. Their hands aren't on our ASS, they're on our face--slapping it.

E.J. said...

LOL! good point, Slate.