Thursday, November 16, 2006


Idaho is apparently afeared o' gettin' Katrina "refugees." I am not amused.

And didn't we settle this whole "refugee" thing on like Aug. 30, 2005?


slate said...

Oh good god, no pun intended. And Quakers to boot. These people have traditionally. . . . .

Nevermind. Apparently this is either a. a rogue offshoot of Quakers, or b. a group of fear mongering idiots.

Either way, this is really appalling and sad. I am pretty sure that Christianity is at the base of their religious beliefs right? What happened to "you are your brother's keeper?" I guess they feel only the folks in their provincial little town are their brothers and the rest, well, they might just as well keep them away or dead.


I owe you a phone call. Will do that this weekend.

TravelingMermaid said...

Have you seen this: