Saturday, November 18, 2006

Define: "Last Resort"

University Hospital's administration had this idiotic comment to make regarding not re-opening the inpatient psych units, which they had at Charity pre-K:

"Beds for psychiatric patients would only be opened as a last resort, if the state's Office of Mental Health can find no other location." [-Chief Executive Dwayne Thomas, T-P 11/17/06]

The LSU/Charity system alone had 100+ adult inpatient beds. The city now has about 24 psych beds total for adults, adolescents, AND children -- 15 months after Katrina. Either Mr. Thomas and I have different definitions of "last resort," or he could use one of those beds himself while he recovers from delirium.

Second, why are they trying to push a population they cared for pre-K off on other people?

And I don't even have time to tackle their decision to also not re-open the Pediatrics department.


Loki said...

The Banana Republic Effect has gone int full swing. With race and class being used as the means of driving people apart (more class than race, but that is simply my own opinion), attention s focused on those isses rather than the practicalties we need.

Mental Health Care in New Orleans- its obvious, neccessary, and probably not going to happen

slate said...

Eban, I totally owe you a phone call.

For this, all I can say is WTF?? I cannot believe this idiot. Does he not read the paper? Or look around?

::::::::sputtering::::::::more sputtering:::::::::::

I'll comment further when I can write something coherent.