Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Can You Explain This Cartoon?

According to the National Action Network this cartoon ran in today's New York Post newspaper.


charlotte said...

HATEFUL, ignorant, racist bullshit. Looks like a threat to me.
Where did you find it?

G Bitch said...

Whoa! I agree with Charlotte. The racial undertones aren't even under anything--they're right on the surface. If it weren't a "political cartoon," don't you think it would be worth the Secret Service looking at, making some calls, staring the cartoonist down with those opaque black sunglasses? Ew, yuck.

oyster said...

I'm assuming this "comic" is referring to the chimpanzee attack in Conn.


E.J. said...

It ran in today's NY Post. Apparently, Al Sharpton and NY's governor didn't find it amusing either.

Editor B said...

I bent over backward trying to see this as NOT racist... but at the end of the day, I can't. There's just no two ways about it, no other way to read it.

It's ugly.