Friday, January 02, 2009

JoAnn Taylor, Poster Child for Misdirected Outrage

Instead of being outraged about people being murdered in front of her own home, JoAnn Taylor is mad about her neighbor's memorial to her slain son. Other neighbors like it. Her artwork has even opened the door for youngsters in the neighborhood to deal with their grief over their own murdered loved ones.

It's easy to get ticked off by the absurd aspects of Ms. Taylor's stupid vendetta: the fact that she moved there years after the sidewalk and home were already creatively painted (or so said the grieving mother today on WWL) or that Ms. Taylor's real problem is her own issues with her neighbor's "lifestyle." The Times Picayune website already has tons of comments about this story, most of which I actually agree with for once; but this one best articulated to where Ms. Taylor and all of us should really be directing our outrage [a little background: the city is threatening to fine the woman $100 per day until she paints the sidewalk gray]:

How about we fine Ray Nagin and Warren Riley $100 a day until they can get the murders under control?

Why not fine the Public Works Department $100 for all the damage done to our vehicles by some of the worst roads in the Western Hemisphere?

Driving around town, a visitor could easily mistake our infrastructure for that of Port-au-Prince.

This woman has filled the vacuum of lawlessness in this city with something of her own creation. Those complaining about the liberties she has taken with public property are under the delusion that this is still a place of law.

Amen, Hallelujah, and Thank You Jesus to that.


Karen said...

imagine that...i saw "the neighbor" yesterday. She spends a lot of time looking over the fence.

E said...

Let's also talk about the blue spray paint that the sewerage and water board used to mark the neighbor's water meter... That art is okay, apparently.

charlotte said...

The comment Ms. Taylor made in the article something like "you wouldn't see this in Old Metairie" made me think: Exactly! So move there.

Anonymous said...

Joann Taylor is a property thief. Her parents had to take her to court for stealing a decade brother property which was returned back to them. She is now living in a home she again committed fraud to steal from her family. Due to her husband use she can not accomplish anything in life. Both are recovering cocaine /crack users.