Saturday, May 17, 2008

Now There's a Radical Concept

Instead of allowing students, faculty, and staff to carry weapons onto campus, Virginia's state legislators pushed for mental health reform in the wake of the VA Tech shootings. Those wacky guys! They crack me up. For a red state, they sure sound like a bunch of liberals. Even worse, I bet they're ELITE liberals (you know, the ones Hillary don't even want no part of).

Get a load of these softies on crime:

[it's not like those people end up killing cops just because they can't get a pill. C'mon!!]

Why can't they just understand that mass murderers and school shooters' don't commit crimes because they are emotionally and psychologically distressed. They commit crimes because no one is there to shoot them first. You can't just ignore the logic behind the fact that you can't kill someone if you are killed first!!


A.F. said...


And no problem, before I hand back an F paper in my class, I can just politely ask the students, "Will someone cover me while I hand Mr. Smith his paper? Please keep your hands on the desk, Mr. Smith." Etc.

Louisiana legislators sure are a brilliant bunch of problem solvers who never fail to make us safer.

E.J. said...

LOL! You ain't never lying, A.F. The brilliancy continues; now there's a bill to ban body armor on campuses!

A.F. said...

Wait! Are you serious? There's a bill to bring guns on campus and a bill to ban body armor?? Sometimes I think the legislature really wants us all dead and then I think, no, that can't really be it...

E.J. said...

Yes, alas it is true. I don't know what their problem is. Maybe we should let 'em outside for some fresh air every now and then; it's been a long legislative session.