Sunday, April 27, 2008

What? Westbank, what?

I'm doing my part to make up for the local media's shitty coverage of the massive flooding that occurred on the Westbank yesterday. Terrytown*** seems to have gotten whacked hardest. These are shots taken on my parents' street in Terrytown.***

(Above) From my parents' front door. Moms really stepped up to fill the void left by all the news crews "on location" at the Jazz Fest (beer tent).

umm, NO, I'm not cheating and re-posting from an old blog. You're probably just thinking of this.

***(To answer thousands of eastbankers: Terrytown is basically Gretna, but legally part of unincorporated Jeffersion Parish. It borders Algiers and is closer to the CBD than most of eastbank. Please, take as much time as you need to for the shock to subside, especially the ones who've ever waited until the cheaper night long distance rates kicked in before calling someone on the Westbank).


Charlotte said...

Ummm...yeah, I was at home yesterday switching channels, looking for anything, ANYTHING about the flooding in Algiers/Gretna. Unfreakinbelieveable.
Finally, at around 6 pm there was a newsflash...ummm, about 2 hours AFTER the torrential rains had subsided.
As usual, the WB is the red-headed step-child.
Luv your observation that we're closer to the CBD than most of the EB. Heh.
Shoulda heard the gnashing of teeth on Twitter today about the rain in da quatah and the fairgrounds. Been there, done that.

A.F. said...

Yes, all I've heard of this besides your post is word of mouth. The Youth Center in Bridge City had no phone and no internet and lapses in electricity yesterday bc of the flooding over the weekend.

E.J. said...

I hadn't heard about the Bridge City YC being affected. Fortunately, we've written them off so it's no big deal (note: I am being sarcastic).

And in today's and yesterday's paper, most of the front page stories about the deluge focused on how much fun people were still having at Jazz Fest.

A.F. said...

I know, it's terrible about the Youth Center. I hear about the victimless insignificant baloney "offenses" kids get in there for and get doubly frustrated that the stories are "confidential." It's atrocious.

I'm terribly alarmed that the NO-MSM did not report on the flooding on the WB. I was a primary offender in blogging about how much fun we were still having at Jazz Fest, not knowing that half the city was floating away. Geez.

Clifton said...

That water looks like its inside of the house. I didn't realize it got that high. I had to go outside and clear the drain because the water was backing up on my block. There were some pictures in the paper of people sitting in a foot of water at the Jazz Fest. I guess that water is cool when you know you are going back to a dry city Monday morning.