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It Figures...a Retard Analyzed Latest N.O. Death Rate Data

A follow-up to my previous post...

...wherein I commented about the state's recent conclusion that there has been no significant increase in New Orleans' death rate post-K: "
There are idiots aplenty in B.R. but not stupid enough to make that sort of basic ass mistake."

Ever a slave to the truth, and thus beholden to setting the record straight, I have no choice but to point out the (irreverently humorous and insensitive politically incorrect) fact that a "Retard" was indeed responsible for analyzing the death rate data. State epidemiologist Raoult Retard, to be precise. See for yourself.

Posted: Saturday, 09 June 2007 9:10AM N.O. health official wants more than stats on city deaths

NEW ORLEANS (AP) The director of the city's health department says a recent study by state health officials seriously downplays an increase in the New Orleans area's post-Katrina mortality rate.

Dr. Kevin Stephens says New Orleans has an astounding death rate and something needs to be done about it.

DHH epidemiologist Raoult Retard used death certificates from New Orleans and surrounding parishes for his study and said that the only increase was a ``slight'' one in early 2006, when it jumped from 11-point-3 per 1000 to 14-point-3 per thousand.

Stephens noted that the increase is a leap of more than 25 percent. He sent a letter to Department of Health and Hospitals Secretary Fred Cerise calling their study disappointing and saying it seriously downplays the true health care crisis facing New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina hit on August 29, 2005.

The state study did not include complete figures for the latter part of 2006. DHH spokesman bob Johannessen says those will be included in an updated study that should be released within a couple of weeks.

Stephens said the study should have been held until all the 2006 figures are available and it should include out-of-state deaths of residents who fled Katrina. But even though it was incomplete, Stephens said, the increase that it found should be alarming.

I was going to just end with that, but the following tidbit was the subject of an elaborate post that was lost forever just as I finished it, of course. The tidbit is that a band of either really loony or really ruthless legislators will present this week House Concurrent Resolution No. 171, which calls for moving the LSU School of Medicine to Baton Rouge -- because clearly they haven't fucked us enough.

I would never suggest a sinister connection between downplaying the death rate in N.O. and this proposal arguing we don't need TWO whole med schools in N.O. (they say we already have Tulane!). Besides, a "Retard" could never pull off such a conspiracy, and it's pure coincidence that the first place most dying people think to go to not die is a hospital.

Like I said, just a tidbit I wanted to share

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