Sunday, September 17, 2006

Let's Go Crazy, Let's Get NUTS!!

Aaaaaand apparently we all will, because the people the feds ARE PAYING to reimburse centers for mental health costs could really give 2 shits about us. Some local providers, the few we have, have been treating Medicaid patients for free for several months because they can't get certified for reimbursement by the jesters WE ARE PAYING to do so. This quote is from Tony Salters, spokesman for the Texas regional office of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the agency that must inspect facilities before Medicaid can reimburse them:

“If we are in the particular area, we will try to get to them with the personnel we have.”

What? ummm, excuse me? IF you're in the area? IF, MUTHAFUCKA?! Seriously, NOBODY from the Texas office can get their ass in a car and fuckin spend the equivalent of a workday to drive over here to do a fucking shitty ass inspection???? He basically just told us " uhhh, yeah, 'k whatever -- when I get to it." But he didn't stop there.

Also from today's T-P (by
Salters, the CMS spokesman in Dallas, said that even if Southern is approved, it won’t get reimbursed for the money it already has spent treating Medicare patients. He expressed little sympathy for the plight of the facility. Salters said the company’s owners accepted a risk when they began treating patients that the federal government might not pay for or that payment would be delayed.

“It was a total business decision,” Salters said. “If this is his only line of business, this was his decision when he stepped out there.”

Oh my God. Where do I even fucking start? I know. I'll start by callin' his ass. Please join me if you are moved so:

HHS Employee Details
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Dallas TX
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TravelingMermaid said...

Glad to see someone else posting about the appalling mental health situation here STILL. Yet another example of the lack of leadership and initiative in a critical area.
But then, mental health services have always been at the bottom of the bucket - unless your wealthy enough to pay for it yourself.
What a world.